POTM: LOAPS: Standings vs. opponent: SYSTEST7
Wednesday February 22 15:00

SYSTEST7 is mightybyte's winning elopes program ... try to beat it by submitting your updated version to the sandbox. The sandbox will be open for a few weeks until the next contest starts.
(Secondary sort is by least execution time for system testing only)
lopsided hagman 4 0.11 26/10 33/23 14,15 C/C++ Feb12
elopes mightybyte 4 33.06 24/10 22/15 11,12 C/C++ Feb5
1111221x billybob 1 42.5 13/19 24/24 10,12 C/C++ Feb13
JohnnyMnemonic patm1970 0 6.19 9/13 20/24 6,9 php Feb10
Clowaapsaa Corrosion 0 18.25 21/39 25/35 11,10 C/C++ Feb4
Enveloap Zaph 0 57.23 38/44 11/29 15,11 C/C++ Feb3
Apollo mjs 0 67.19 12/15 20/22 9,9 python Feb7
xxx fred 0 0.06 -1/0 -1/0 BADOUT ;clisp Feb18
clisp_test_semiC Peatey 0 0.35 -1/0 -1/0 BADOUT ;clisp Feb18
clisp_test_sharpC PeateyK 0 0.43 -1/0 -1/0 BADOUT clisp Feb18
System tests are ordered by the number of match points gained playing against SYSTEST7 - with 4 being the best reflecting two game wins. A game score of -1 means something went wrong with the entry ... CLOCK means the 60 second move clock ran out; TOOLONG means a single move took longer than 60 seconds; NOOUTPUT means that no output was generated; BADOUT means the output did not conform to standards, and BADMOVE means that the output did not describe a valid move.
Ranking among entries with the same number of match points is a work in progress - ideas welcome in the forums. The TIME USED is the total time used by the entry during both games of the match.
If neither player made an error, the NOTE contains the number of moves in game one and game two - with a "50d" indicating that the game went to 50 moves and was declared a draw.

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