My oldest grandson is getting to the age where he can begin to play board games. Even though he doesn't fully understand the notion of not winning all the time, he still seems to have fun playing. Hopefully YOU will have some fun as well. This POTM will challenge you to create a program to play a board game against another program. The game is called "Lines Of Action - POTM Style (LOAPS)". It draws heavily on the piece movement in the original "Lines Of Action" but has some special "POTM Style" modifications to the board and scoring

Deadline January 31, 2006


"Lines Of Action" is a board game invented in the 1960s by Claude Soucie. The original is a game played by two players on an 8x8 board with the goal of "connecting" all your pieces. The piece movement of LOA makes it a fascinating and unique game. A web search will provide lots of background on the original, but there are a few special POTM rules to consider including a different sized board (7x7), fewer pieces (8), a different starting position, along with some special scoring rules. The winner will be determined with head-to-head play at the conclusion of the POTM.

Wikipedia LOA Referencedescription and strategies for the original Lines Of Action game by Claude Soucie
LOAPS detailsthe "special" POTM rules.
A sample gameplayed through on the LOAPS viewer.

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