After a rush to the LOAPS finish line (18 people submitted a total of 92 different program versions on the last day), it is now time to award those folks who have achieved the ultimate goal:

The POTM Consolation Awards!

The Helper Awards

Any successful contest depends on the participants for tools, guidance, encouragement and humor. These are the more serious of the consolation awards:
Dave Dyer (ddyer) is the LOA guru who helped in the early definition stages and even added a playable LOAPS to Plus his IP-map (at the bottom of the left menu) let us all see our global POTM community!
mjs offered up a python player and some tools the day after the contest opened. mightybyte joined in and we had samples of connectivity checkers and legal-move checkers as well as a referee.
As we got underway, sven.reichard build a javascript gameboard presentation and after some additions from hagman we had a LOAPS-game-viewer. All the final games can be viewed in their entirety by clicking on the W/L indicator in the final scoreboard.
... and a special thanks to those who help the newcomers in the forums ... you know who you are!

The coveted BEST NAME award - an award envied by all and worthy of bragging rights for all time goes to ... (drum roll)

First off - anyone who used the word "homonymity" in their explanation was immediately disqualified. Next step was to eliminate puns on the "LOA" or "LOAPS". At this point it became clear that "jon_gnagy" was the clear winner ... there's even a picture in this clever gentlemans program description.

BEST NAME runner-up Award

Loaputa sent me off to view pictures of Jonathan Swift's magical land of Laputa ... the pictures were nice so Boris gets the runner up.


The competition was ferocious what with entries like 2005_12_03c and abc and Jan30eve but the winner is clearly the self-descriptive "helloWorld" from saladin ...

Fattest LOAPS Player

Cramming every last move in their opening books was billybob's 1111221 weighing in at 496,038 bytes and Zaph's Enveloap at 465,050 bytes.

The highly contested Procrastinator award

goes to gsais for LOAPS_JiuJitsu ... whose initial entry was received one second past the midnight deadline! (Yeah - I cut him a break - such confidence deserves to be rewarded!)

Skinniest LOAPS Player

toomyems's MyOwnPrecious was a mere 5,791 bytes of Python code ... making it the skinniest player that actually played a game! saladin's helloWorld weighed in a bit lighter ... and while it might be worthy of a "most descriptive name" award it doesn't qualify for "skinniest".

Best non-C Player

looks like Apollo from mjs ... the evolution of the early entry made available to the world on day one of the contest.

Best KSH entry

I'd like to thank the academy once again ....

Best RUBY entry

to CorporalFlapjackJr2 ... it appears that "jon_gnagy" and the Corporal must have had a side bet going ...

The "If you can't beat 'em" award

for the most tie games goes to CorporalFlapjackJr2 with 28 ties ... jon_gnagy (who was actually TRYING to tie) only had 24 ties.

The "Kick 'em While They're Down award

for the largest average winning score goes to refractory by MBCook whose average winning margin was 42.76 points in his 25 wins.

Nominations for the best Game

should be made in this topic in the forums. There are links there to several games that the participants thought worthy of nominating.

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