Here they are ... links to information on all the previous POTMs. As content is ported to this website it will be removed from the older website ... until a particular contest is moved, you may find the links below still pointing to the older site.
When, What, Who and the LINKDescription
05/2006: LINES and BOXES won by Anton Maydell (avm) Play "Lines and Boxes" loosely based on "Dots and Boxes"
01/2006: LOAPS won by Doug Beardsley (mightybyte) Play the game "Lines Of Action" - POTM Style.
09/2005: GLOSSY won by Hagen von Eitzen (hagman) Fit photographs on a sheet of glossy paper.
05/2005: KEYSTROKES won by Amin Allam (aminallam) Create a string of editing commands to efficiently edit text blocks.
02/2005: XWORDS won by Michael van Fondern (michael) Construct a 16x32 crossword from a list of words I provide.
11/2004: NUTS SOLO won by Xavier Bernardy (xavier)
11/2004: NUTS MELEE won by William Little (Tempus)
Squirrel scurries around a field collecting nuts, alone in the SOLO and with 70 other squirrels in the MELEE!
10/2K: SUITCASE won by Alex Huysegoms Fit an item into a suitcase
05/2K: PAHTUM won by Gunnar Andersson Place X's and O's on a board to form lines
12/99: WORDSEARCH won by Jaco Cronje Find words in a grid of letters
09/99: POWERSAW won by Pavel Ouvarov and Frederic van der Plancke Cut a board into equal size pieces
05/99: MOO won by Frederic van der Plancke Guess the word I'm thinking of
12/98: QUILTS won by Ben Nye Construct a quilt from multi-colored square
06/98: SCENIC TOUR won by Chad Hurwitz Find the shortest and longest paths across a terrain map
02/98: ELBONIA LOTTERY won by Doug Jones Buy minimum number of tickets to guarantee a win in a 7-ball lottery
10/97: INVERSE BOGGLE won by Tim Ruhl fit as many words as possible into a 5x5 square using Boggle rules
06/97: SHOWDOWN was a tie between Mike Anderson and Don Kirkby head-to-head competition to reach the opponents home base
04/97: PEGGED won by Gerhard Lutz a peg-jumping game - remove all the pegs from the board
12/96: RESET won by the team of Bill Burley and Arthur Goldstein making your odometer show all different numbers
08/96: AIMLESS won by Mihai Badoiu wander through a 10 story building and try to go everywhere
04/96: CROZZLE won by Franz Korntner create a crossword puzzle from a word list
01/96: KNIGHTCRAWLER won by Chad Hurwitz traveling salesman and a knight's tour
09/95: CHOMP won by Andre Wilhelmus programs compete against each other to eat cookies from a checkerboard
05/95: LOYD won by Stan Peijffers solve a sliding number pocket puzzle
01/95: PRIME TIME won by Allan WIlks find prime numbers in a boggle-square
09/94: SEND MORE MONEY won by Bill Tanenbaum solve word addition problems by substituting numbers for letters
06/94: SHUFFLE, CUT, AND FLIP won by Jim Roche unshuffle a deck of cards
03/94: SCRABBLE SQUARE won by Neil Weinstock make words from scrabble letters
01/94: BOXING MATCH won by Palith Balakrishnabati programs compete to capture area in the playing area
10/93: ODOMETER FUN won by Vincent Goffin make a straight from your odometer
08/93: MR. NOISE won by Scott Kennedy spellchecker for numbers
06/93: CATS AND DOGS won by Julius Collins change a letter at a time to change one word to another
03/93: AMAZING MAZE won by Debbie Brown solve a maze in the shortest number of moves
01/93: NUMBERS GAME won by David Thomson programs compete to subtract numbers without reaching zero

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