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Pointers to Selected LINES and BOXES Code

WARNING: This page points to copies of source code relating to this contest. By entering this contest, the authors have agreed to make their code public. HOWEVER - neither the POTM nor any of the contestants assumes any responsibility for anything that happens as the result of downloading this code. Nor will the code be supported in any way - it may compile on your box and it may not - such is life when porting code.

The code is presented for your enjoyment ... we who enjoy this sort of thing are indeed a strange lot!

panda - the winneravm ZIP file with annotated C code listing by the author - thanks for the effort Anton!
avm's test bed toolsavm ZIP file with game playing platform used by Anton for his testing
AllYourBoxAreBelongToUs - second placeTempus C++ code listing
BIFES_50lines - best Python proggie and only 50 lines!mjs Python listing

If you need more information, you can use the forums to send mail to the participants and ask them whatever you wish!

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