It is easy to compete in the POTM, it is much harder to achieve the ultimate goal:
The POTM Consolation Awards!

The coveted BEST NAME award - an award envied by all and worthy of bragging rights for all time goes to ... (drum roll)

duggy_92127 for "SuperEditorPlusExtremeGOLD" ... which would have been a terrible entry name for a "good" entry, but since the entry merely used the "trivial" algorithm (good enough for a seven-way tie for 12th place) it was the irony which appealed to both duggy_92127 and I.

Most Cryptic Program Name

goes to mainline for Eeeeeeeee ... did his finger get stuck? was there some deep meaning relating to the "end of line" editing command? Is there some clever interpretation (like "ease" or the "Big E e's (big Easy = New Orelans?)) ... we shall never know unless mainline chooses to share with us in the forums ...

Program Name with the best explanation

to sven.reichard who wrote:
  I named my KEYSTROKES entry "scamEx" because ...

  ... because ScamEx Can Accelerate My Editing Xperience. Or, if 
  you're sick of self-referential acronyms, it's the name of 
  my favorite editor, read backwards. :)
My favorite editor backwards would be "de" ... much less impressive.

Best non-C entry

goes to mjs for his Python entry "KeyCracker1c_30lines" for his sixth place finish ... you can view the entry here ... it's self-descriptive title is a bit misleading since included among the 30 lines are two comment lines! As mjs writes: "I try to write code that is lightweight but performs at a reasonable level." Mission accomplished! (Again - since mjs won the XWORDS skinniest entry award.)

Best KSH entry

goes to fred for Barbara_Blackburn. Seventh place! I would be very proud were it not for the previous award. Ah well ... maybe I'll crack the top five next time!

Best RUBY entry

goes to sven.reichard for scamEx ... our first (and so far only) RUBY entry. Sven writes "I'm new to this language, but I love it!" Thanks for testing out the sandbox tools!

The "Awwww S**T Award"

go mmammel for GapAlign who managed an 8th place finish to spite a "NOMATCH" on the MONTY" final problem. His 3rd place and 5th place finishes on the other two were enough to carry him through to the top ten.

The Procrastination Award

goes to RandySaint for Nerd_Perfect submitted at 23:22 on the last day. Perhaps better time management would have served him better. He writes:
For some dopey reason, I just assumed that since my program produced 
correct output on smaller problems that I could test by hand, then my 
program was producing correct output on all the problems.  When I 
submitted with 3 days to go, I realized that I needed to doublecheck 
my answers.  It took me all the way until 30 minutes left to go before 
I at least got all 5 system test solutions working correctly.  
Obviously there was still a bug, as 2 of the final solutions failed.  :(

And on that note, the "is that all I was missing" award

again to RandySaint who wrote:
If I had more time and a working solution, I would have liked
to have generated more test cases.  Okay, _any_ test cases. :)

Most Heartache Award

to an entry that shall remain anonymous whose program generated an output file several hundred Meg long and was still going when it was killed ... and that was on system test one.

Best Life Goal

to kweinert who writes:
I'm learning to fly as we plan to move to Alaska in about 4 years 
or so when my youngest finishes high school and the life of a bush 
pilot is how I want to finish off my life.

The "Heartfelt Congratulations Award" to

daveymatey from Edinburgh who shared that he was getting married in early June! Your first wife is always your best one Davey - treat her well!

The "I Think Something Was Lost in Translation" award

to Gassa who wrote:
By the way, writing a contest program is somewhat 
like treating a girlfriend... However, tastes differ!

The "I'm Really Really Proud of my School" Award to

our winner, aminallam, for his entry name. He wrote:
I named my KEYSTROKES entry "FCI_CairoUniv_EGYPT" because ...
The entry name is the place I like so much, I have been graduated
from it, and I work as a teaching assistant in it also:
Faculty of Computers and Information,
Cairo University,

Thanks to everyone for competing! Hope to see you all again!

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