Deadline May 31, 2005

I am not a good typist. When I was creating this POTM I typed in KYESTROKS when I meant to type KEYSTROKES.


To correct the error, I could delete all the letters and type in the correct spelling. Or I could move to the second position and delete the "YE" and then add "EY" and then move to the next-to-last position and then add the "E". But surely YOU can write a program figure out the most efficient way to perform this sort of operation.

You will be given two blocks of text, a "starting" block and a "target" block. Your program, using special POTM "editor-like" operations defined in the problem statement details, will be asked to provide a sequence of editing operations and typed letters that will transform the initial block to the target block. Short sequences are good! I'm hoping the problem turns out to be more difficult than it sounds! Check here for all the details!

If it seems interesting, sign up using the Members Section link on the left and start watching the forums for more details, current standings, how to submit your entry, and much discussion among the jolly band of POTM participants!

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